Heroic Resident Donates Kidney

Rob Connor will be counting his blessings at his thanksgiving table with his family and loved ones this month. Rob, an experienced firefighter for over 20 years, husband and father of 3 children had never heard of Puslinch Lake until his fellow firefighter Mike Wolf entered his life. 

The Toronto firefighter has IGA nephropathy which is a kidney disease that results in an inflammation that can impact the kidney’s ability to filter the waste from your blood. 

The essence of this disease has resulted in Rob’s kidney’s gradually shutting down. A kidney transplant is needed to save his life. 

Mike Wolf, a resident from Bayview on Puslinch lake is a firefighter at the same station as Rob. Although they are not close friends, their relationship is about to become forever interconnected. Literally. 

Mike is donating his kidney to his comrade after learning he was a suitable match within his circle of support. Mike heard the story of Rob needing a kidney, and although they didn’t know each other well, Mike felt compelled to reach out to him and inquire what was involved in order to get tested about being a potential match. 

And he was a match.

Mike offered his kidney to save Rob’s life. 

When I asked Mike about it, he replied humbly “well, of course, I was going to, I have to”. Mike believes that it is pretty obvious that Rob needs the kidney more than he does, and hopes that someone would do the same thing for him if the roles were reversed. 

This is the ultimate hero factor in this story.

Mike initiated this. 

Although some wonder why Mike is doing this, his supportive wife Meredith knows that Mike has a heart of gold for others, and it was never something she would have tried to talk him out of or even negotiate. “I am super proud of him” she adds. “We all are”.  

Mike is busy fulfilling his fatherly and work duties in high gear knowing his upcoming operation on October 30th is quickly approaching at St. Joes Hospital in Hamilton. Baring no complications, he will be back home after a few days. Mike’s kidney donation will leave him bedridden and off work for several months, with potentially considerable pain. He feels super thankful for other firefighters who have volunteered to work the shifts he will miss in order to not impact him financially. 

As a community, we are beyond proud of Mike as one of our Puslinch Lake residents. We wish a speedy recovery for both firefighters and are thankful for the heroic goodness and giving shown amongst us this thanksgiving.

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