Making an Impact in Romania

Pas Cu Pas means Step by Step in Romanian and is the message of Impact Romania, an organization that sent a team for the 20th year to support efforts in the developing country of Romania, which included Rachel Hussey, one of our local residents. Rachel was a part of an enthused team of young adults fulfilling a dream to passionately make an impact working in the orphanages there.

When Rachel told me of a “bucket list” idea to do a service trip before she was 20 years old, I thought it was a little ambitious. But who am I to say that to the girl who has only heard her mother say since she was a child “Chase your dreams Darling! Be kind to others and go make a meaningful mark in your world”?

Boy, has she ever.

The Muskoka Woods organization which my children have been blessed to be a part of over the years has inspired this team of young adults to sacrificially give back and make a difference in the lives of children who certainly may never see the likeness of a resort sports camp on beautiful Lake Rosseau in Muskoka Country.

This team worked together on many weekends throughout the winter to learn some of the Romanian language, geography and culture. Before they even boarded the plane on April 29th, 2019 they were a cohesive team with powerful plans to provide significant service to the people of Romania that would touch the lives of many. Rachel was unable to make all of the scheduled planning dates due to the distance of her attending university in BC, but she would skype in and participate. This girl committed wholeheartedly in her ongoing preparation and through the loving donations of neighbours, friends and family, raised the money to go.

Rachel’s team worked alongside Romanian staff and volunteers to transform the lives of institutionalized orphans through mentorship, educational support, career training and encouraging them to help other orphans. They provided camp-like experiences for the children in orphanages there.

This trip will not be the last and certainly didn’t accomplish all the possible things that could be done there but as they say in Romania; “Pas Cu Pas - Step by Step”

Crossing something off her bucket list never shortens Rachel’s list. I can predict that her already huge heart will be forever impacted also, and her bucket list dreams to make a difference in her world will only deepen and grow. She inspires me and us all to make giving back always part of any bucket list.

If you would like more information or would like to learn more about Rachel’s team experience this past month, please reach out! We would love to share about this program or Muskoka Woods.

Rachel Hussey working in a Romanian orphanage May 2019

Rachel Hussey working in a Romanian orphanage May 2019

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