Remembering Bob O'Krafka

This past spring our lake community lost one of its long term residents, Bob O’Krafka. The O’Krafka family name is a familiar one around the lake, with almost every shoreline having a resident from this family. People often ask me how they are related or who is who in the O’Krafka family. I usually started with “Bob and Stella live on North Shore by me”, a statement I was proud of.

Bob lived on the North Shore on Lake Avenue, with his wife Stella and their pup Angel. As long as I have lived here, I have become familiar with simple routines he had such as taking Angel out in the morning, watering his magnificent gardens and enjoying the lake from their porch swing on the back deck.

As a younger man, Bob was an exceptional water-skier on our lake. In fact, Bob and Stella met at Barbers Beach watching his water skiing. He extended that passion and skill to his granddaughters who became his pride and joy as he got older. He loved teaching and enjoying the lake with them, whether it be skiing, canoeing or fishing.

Bob was a huge contributor with Stella to help produce the Puslinch Pioneer newspaper that comes to our homes each month.

His favourite hobbies encompassed his love for Puslinch Lake, including canoeing and gardening. His beautiful roses and flowers around their home were taken care of with pride for all to enjoy.

Bob was a huge contributor to the lake in many ways, including offering his pontoon boat at the Home tour for many years, until he decided it was time for the younger guys to take it over :). His commitment to the dredging project was consistent and supportive.

Bob and Stella were married 55 years on April 24th and Bob passed away two days later on April 26th, 2019. He will be deeply missed for his quiet leadership and evident love for our lake community.

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