Ski Success Story


Jamie Calhoun knew by the age of 10 that his parents would allow tubing and knee-boarding fun once a full skiing set and practice took place. Jamie is the youngest of three children and along with his older sisters Stephanie and Melanie, skiing was a family activity they embraced. Every summer became an integral part of their upbringing, family time and leisure loves. Bill and Anne-Marie loved to ski, and saw the sport as a great extension and way to spend quality family time each summer at Stoco lake at their family cottage in Tweed, Ontario.

Stoco Lake is about three times the size of Puslinch Lake and a huge fishing lake, allowing Bill and Anne-Marie to create a ski course grandfathered in for their family to enjoy. Bill was an accomplished skier himself, and his children watched him practice and participate in local provincial tournaments as they were growing up.

Born and raised in Mississauga, the entire family looked forward each summer to the family cottage time in the Kawarthas and fully engaged in the sport they all loved.

After they registered Jamie into a couple of tournaments, Bill and Anne-Marie realized they needed some coaching for him beyond the family cottage and teaching. This led them to the McClintocks ski school on Puslinch Lake when Jamie was 13 years old. Jamie met Jason McClintock, and there was an instant connection that would affirm their choice to find a coach and mentor for Jamie.

Anne-Marie and Bill purchased a modular trailer to support the training on Puslinch Lake. Melanie and Jamie were the first one to become part of the Ontario ski team.  

“We owe everything to Jason for what he has done for Jamie” says Anne-Marie as she reflects back on the last five years. “We were just on the bus at exactly the right time”.

Within the first year under the wing of Jason McClintock, Jamie grew 3 inches and so did their strong connection, leading to significant skill development, focused on slalom training. Anne-Marie and Bill began finding every holiday and PD day opportunity to get Jamie down to Florida in the winter months to be coached by Jason.

Jamie is in his first year at Florida Southern College taking Business, allowing him to train now all year round. He has won 5 national titles consecutively and is ranked 3rd place in the under 21 categories in the world. He has begun to do some international competing and will go to Worlds (Worlds happens every 2 years) that is being held in Edmonton, Alberta in July to compete. Waterskiing is his passion and Jamie hopes to do the pro-circuit for a while, eventually using his business degree and ski skills to stay in the field doing what he loves.

Anne-Marie and Bill have quickly recognized that Puslinch Lake is going to be home and work for a while so have purchased a year-round home in 2018 that they are enjoying on the North Shore.

This summer you will see Jamie out on the course practicing hard and impressing us all.

Jamie showing his talent in front of the Old Marina Restaurant

Jamie showing his talent in front of the Old Marina Restaurant

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