Lake Teen off to the Pan Am Games!

Brooklyn Carter has grown up her entire life on the North Shore of Puslinch Lake. Homeschooled for the past few years, her parents Mike and Sherry have been dedicated to helping her discover her potential and passion in her schooling and extra-curricular activities. 

Boy did she ever find it! 

At the age of 8, Brooklyn inquired about what sport required the white uniform that she had observed on kids she passed when heading to swimming lessons. When Brooklyn asked about it, her mother confirmed it was karate, and Brooklyn asked: “Can I try that?”

Brooklyn visited a class soon after and loved the interaction and focus that was so evident. It was active and fascinating to her and within a year she was invited to join a competitive development class by her Sensei who encouraged her to go farther on the path of the sport. 

When I asked Brooklyn to describe what Karate is, she spoke eloquently and clearly about her knowledge and her evident passion. Under the umbrella of Martial Arts, Karate (meaning empty-hand) is composed of two parts, Kata and Kumite.  In Sport Karate, Kata is practicing/performing the techniques and forms in a choreographed series of moves against an imaginary opponent, whereas Kumite is actually sparring (fighting) against an opponent. Brooklyn has competed in various categories and adorns more than 40 medals, but her most significant successes have been in kumite.  Beyond her evident individual competitive skill, Brooklyn loves the team aspect and true sense of community she has become part of. She has learned life skills including mental practice, focus and true dedication through hard work.

When asked about her commitment, Sherry commented “We always told Brooklyn we would meet her commitment. She has done this! When your teenager asks for mats to practice her sport as a Christmas gift, her commitment is evident. She eats and sleeps intentionally with her goals in mind and has taken on the responsibility of her intense training”.  Beyond this, she is ranked second in Canada in her age and weight category as she won SIlver at the Karate Canada Junior National Championships in Edmonton this past May. 

Brooklyn is proud to represent Canada in Ecuador this month at the Jr. Pan American Championships for Karate in Guayaquil 2019.  She recognizes that this is an esteemed privilege and responsibility. Brooklyn’s dream is to compete internationally in a multitude of venues, eventually getting to the Olympic or World arenas. 

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Brooklyn, your Puslinch Lake community is rooting for you!

Brooklyn’s passion and commitment is evident!

Brooklyn’s passion and commitment is evident!

This girl can kick!

This girl can kick!

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