PLCA Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, NOVEMBER 14, 2018

7:30 pm SAWDAC

Chairperson: Art Zymerman – President - present

Executive: Donna McKenna – Vice-president -

Lorne Wallace – Treasurer - present

Sarah Hammell – Secretary - present

Jaime McClintock – Executive – present

Directors: Ken Roth – Township Councillor -

Larry Hackbart – North Shore – present

Dawn Rosa – Bayview – present

Tony Fieder – Rhodes Road -

Kevin Axt – Clergy Lane -

Kathleen Zymerman – McCormick Point - present

Todd Christensen – Irish Creek -

Doreen Tschanz – Eagle Lane & Recording Secretary - present

Non-Voting Participants:

David Mitten – Past President

Dave Taliano – Dredge Company - present

Paul Wyszynski – present Donna O’Krafka – present

Michel Thibault - present Robin Puskas - present

Meeting to order at 7:40 pm

Motion: To approve the October minutes made by Larry Hackbart; 2nded by Dawn Rosa; carried

Robin Puskas reported investigating the EA study regarding the Regional wells. He said that resident

comments were absent and that current lake level statistics were also absent. He was going to report

these discrepancies to the proper authorities.

Info Booklet – Donna McKenna, Michel Thibault, Kathleen Zymerman

This was initially a welcome package that has been expanded to include important info regarding all

aspects and activities of the PLCA. It will be on the website plus in print. McClintock Ski School offered

to sponsor the printing. The purpose is to hopefully eliminate misinformation and non-information.

Survey Results – Mel Spencer

244 surveys were distributed – 160 returned – most had names filled in

Many important ideas were suggested – fall events and winter events that are community and family

oriented. Mel will ask the suggesters to host the events.

Questions were asked and the FAQ’s will be added to the Info Booklet.

Positive info – number of pontoon boats. New mail addresses, new volunteers and the most popular

swimming areas are Big Island and the McCormick Point deep hole

Kathleen Zymerman idea – compose a master sheet of volunteers and events

Calendars – Donna O’Krafka

Donna presented 100 calendars – 40 were already sold at a cost of $439.

Permits – Dave Taliano

1) MNR – There is a new employee who cannot find a copy of the 2013 issued permit to use as a

guide. When we find it, then there will be a meeting with Dave and Stan Denhoed.

2) GRCA – another new contact surprised Dave to inform him that the Land Use Permit expired

November 1. Dave was unaware of such a permit but will be meeting with this person early


Dredging Report Dave Taliano

This went well with the most mud encountered thus leaving a wall of mud around the dug area.

Another year could be spent in this area because of the amount of mud.

The area dredged includes the whole south shore. This area community had a very well-organized

meeting thanks to Sarah Hamill. The intimacy of a specific residential lake area brought out many

questions and all the residents who normally would not have attended a general meeting.

University Connections – Jaime McClintock

When talking to professor, his priorities were the need to know Phosphate and Nitrogen plus E. coli

levels around the lake due to residential fertilizing and septic systems.

Also, the need for natural vegetation to filter at shorelines.

Under graduates can be hired for free to monitor such needs and if there are any spikes in levels, the

trouble residents can be then targeted.

GRCA has grants available and likes the fact that we would be using the University and undergraduates. 

Aeration – the boat traffic is sufficient but if individuals want to use it then OK

Weed harvesting – is OK for individuals and is like cutting the lawn

Dredging – Mother Nature likes to eutrofy lakes so that it will be an ongoing fight to prevent.

New Ideas – In Australia some lakes have had silt covered to seal the lake bottom to slow down plant


- Asian Carp that are same sex to prevent breeding eat weeds

NOTE: If students are hired in summer, they must have access to the PLAMP (Puslinch Lake Adaptive

Management Plan) so that they are aware of past studies and remedial plans.

Treasurer Report – Lorne Wallace

The board received the monthly report. Lorne stressed that the PLCA needs to fundraise $20,000 to pay for 2018 dredging. To do so he made Hot Maps of the properties in each lake residential areas.

Properties that have donated get coloured in. This hopefully is an incentive to get 100% response with

no matter to the amount of each donation.

Grants – Art Zymerman applied for $15,000 from Wellington County.

Adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 7:30 pm @ SAWDAC