PLCA Board of Directors Meeting - Wed. December 13, 2017, at 7:30 pm - SAWDAC Bldg.

Chairperson:      David Mitten – President - present

Executive:           Melanie Spencer – Vice-president, Lorne Wallace – Treasurer – NP,

                             Paul O’Krafka – Secretary – present, Donna McKenna – Executive – NP,

Directors:            Ken Roth – Township Councillor – NP, Larry Hackbart – North Shore – present

                             Dawn Rosa – Bayview – NP, Ken Root – Rhodes Road – NP,

                             Kevin Axt – Clergy Lane – NP, Kathleen Zymerman – McCormick Point - present                 

                             Todd Christensen – Irish Creek – NP.

                             Doreen Tschanz – Eagle Lane & Recording Secretary – NP,

Non-Voting Participants:

                                Art Zymerman – Past President – present, Jaime McClintock – McClintock Ski School -

                                Dave Taliano – Dredge Company – NP, Paul Wyszynski - present

                                Sarah Hamell – present – recorded minutes on behalf of Doreen Tschanz.


                                                Meeting to order at 7: 35 pm by David Mitten


Motion: To approve the November minutes made by Paul O’Krafka; 2nded by Kathleen Zymerman; carried.


Township Grant – Art Zymerman gave an update on his presentation at the city council meeting in order for the PLCA to receive the grant towards the lake dredging project.   It is likely that the PLCA will receive the $25k grant again in 2018. 


Xmas Show Fundraiser – Sarah Hammell – The first ever PLCA Christmas show was able to raise some money towards the PLCA dredge project due to the efforts of Linda Nealon, Laura Davey and Donna McKenna who helped make this event a success.   Many thanks to those who attended and volunteered for the fun event on Sat. Dec.2, 2017 at the Cambridge Newfoundland Club.


New 2018 PLCA Flags Ready – Sarah Hammell – This year’s donation flags are Canada Red and with white lettering.  


The Telecommunications Tower Issue - Ron Harper - The GRCA and Rogers have applied to install a large lighted tower on Puslinch Lake.  It will be the largest structure on the lake visible from every corner of the lake.  It will display flashing strobe lights visible in all atmospheric conditions 24 hours / 7 days a week.  Other than the distracting lights, the tower will be a safety issue to all our local aviators and will negatively impact the wildlife on the lake.  At the meeting, petition letters with information and forms were distributed.   It is very important to get these forms signed and returned to the PLCA on or before January 5th.   Original signatures are not needed for this petition; unlike the lake reward letters.

David Mitten along with Mel Spencer to send out a PLCA email announcement to the lake community regarding the tower petition letters and city council meeting dates – January 10th at 1pm and January 24th  at 7pm.


Treasurer Report – David Mitten – read the financial report handed out at the meeting. 

Adjourned at 9:35 pm by motion of David Mitten; 2nded by Kathleen Zymerman.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, February 7th, 2017, 7:30 pm at SAWDAC




1)      Donna McKenna & Lorne Wallace will decide whether to change the credit card mechanism to 6 months rather than 1 year at end of 2017 fundraising events

2)      Lorne Wallace continues to get a reception with Min. of Natural Resources.

3)      Lorne Wallace and Donna McKenna will meet to ascertain donors and give the list to Art Zymerman so that he can update the Donor Board.

4)      Lorne Wallace will give Donna McKenna the PLCA Director updated CRA sheet.

5)      Mel Spencer will work with a Trillium Board member for the Trillium Grant application.

6)      Mel Spencer will draft a letter to ski school with the Reward application date.

7)      Heather Leybourne will report if the ski club member will format Dave Taliano’s drone video.

8)      Brian Riehl will email Mel Spencer the Government Bylaw Format that he has.

9)      Art Zymerman will send a request letter to the township for a $25,000 grant in 2018 and will ask Dennis Lever for advice regarding asking the Region for compensation for impacting the lake with water taking wells.

10)  Area reps will ask residents to contact Donna O’Krafka if they would like a 2018 PLCA calendar.

11)  Area reps will distribute or email the tower petition forms and submit them to the PLCA on or before January 5th.  Scanned or emailed copies of the signatures are accepted.