PLCA Board of Directors Meeting - Wednesday,                June 13, 2018, 7:30 pm SAWDAC


Chairperson:  David Mitten – President - present

Executive:       Melanie Spencer – Vice-president - present

Lorne Wallace – Treasurer - present

                        Paul O’Krafka – Secretary -

                        Donna McKenna – Executive – present

Directors:       Ken Roth – Township Councillor - present

                        Larry Hackbart – North Shore – present

                        Dawn Rosa – Bayview – present

                        Tony Fieder – Rhodes Road - present

                        Kevin Axt – Clergy Lane - present

                        Kathleen Zymerman – McCormick Point -                

                        Todd Christensen – Irish Creek - present

                        Doreen Tschanz – Eagle Lane & Recording Secretary - present

Non-Voting Participants:

                        Art Zymerman – Past President - present

                             Jaime McClintock – McClintock Ski School - present

                        Dave Taliano – Dredge Company - present

Paul Wyszynski – present, Donna O’Krafka – present, Sarah Hammell – present


Meeting to order at 7:45 pm following AGM at which an election for 5 executives resulted.

Those 5 newly elected chose positions as follows:      Art Zymerman – President

                                                                                             Donna McKenna – Vice President

                                                                                             Lorne Wallace – Treasurer

                                                                                             Sarah Hammell – Secretary

                                                                                            Jaime McClintock - Executive


Motion: To approve the May minutes made by Dawn Rosa; 2nded by Larry Hackbart; carried


Treasurer Report – Lorne Wallace

Lorne gave each area rep a list of past donors to use as a tool for asking for donations.

$65,000 needs to be raised to pay dredging at year end.

Dave Taliano asked if the 2018 pit emptying was in the budget – Lorne answered no as he has no numbers for this expense.  Dave will meet with Lorne regarding this.

Suggestion – Mel Spencer – there needs to be a strategy meeting with area reps for asking residents for money.

Question – Jaime McClintock – Asked if the PLCA wants first chance at food sale revenue at the Ski Nationals to raise money or should she out source

Donna McKenna suggested that the PLCA out source this for a percentage of sales because it is difficult to get volunteers.

A committee of Kelli Wallace, Sarah Hammell, Donna McKenna and Jaime McClintock will meet and plan.


Fundraising – Donna McKenna

Home Tour – Donna McKenna is planning the volunteer schedule. After the Home Tour, Donna McKenna will call a meeting for this event planning.

Hoe-down – Donna O’Krafka drafted a poster and notes to hand out at the Home Tour.  Needs minor adjustments.  Larry Hackbart will contact Pillers for meat for the BBQ.  Also, the Hunters on McCormick Point are donating limited hamburg patties. The DJ from last year will return for 2018. Doreen’s farm has 1 resident porta-potty. Ken Chute has offered his dock for resident boaters that day.


Reward – Dave Taliano – looking good but permit is always issued last minute

Dredging – Dave Taliano – the pit is being emptied this month of June for which the PLCA pays.  2018 dredge site is South/East area as the most practical due to ski tournaments.  Ski School has agreed to the site.

Donations – Lorne received cheques from attendees

Mel Spencer – Lorne’s INVITES – She thinks these are great idea.  Others questioned this but consensus was in favour.

 Suggestion – Mel offered to do a survey of PLCA to get a sense of satisfaction or displeasure with the job that the board is doing.  She asked for 2 more volunteers to draft a survey – Kathleen Zymerman and Dawn Rosa offered.

Larry Hackbart – suggested that the PLCA newsletter be distributed in hard copy to area residents.

Old Marina Restaurant – Donna McKenna – the restaurant has been sold but will remain as a supporter with the PLCA allowing the Donor Board and help the PLCA; except the trains are on hold.  Donna will remain as conduit between the PLCA and restaurant.


Adjourned at 8:48 pm by motion of Jaime McClintock.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, July11, 2018 at 7:30 pm - SAWDAC



1)      Mel Spencer will draft the PLCA Bylaws.  David Mitten will draft a clause that the membership approves the board.

2)      The board will discuss a Lake Info Booklet and content to be given to new residents for which Donna McKenna has a basis to start from past literature.

3)      The Ski tournament food committee of Donna McKenna, Sarah Hammell, Kelli Wallace and Jaime McClintock will meet and plan.

4)      Lorne Wallace and Dave Taliano will meet and discuss amount of money to be budgeted for pit emptying and report to next meeting.

5)      Mel Spencer, Kathleen Zymerman and Dawn Rosa will meet and draft a survey to access the PLCA board by PLCA members.

6)      Area reps will use Lorne’s info to ask residents for money.