Wednesday, August 9,2017, at 7:30 pm - Lone Wolf Bldg.


Chairperson:      David Mitten – President - present

Executive:           Melanie Spencer – Vice-president - present

Lorne Wallace – Treasurer - present

                                Paul O’Krafka – Secretary -

                                Donna McKenna – Executive - president

Directors:            Ken Roth – Township Councillor -

                                Heather Leybourne – North Shore –

                                Donna O’Krafka – Bayview – present

                                Ken Root – Rhodes Road -

                                Kevin Axt – Clergy Lane - present

                                Kathleen Zymerman – McCormick Point -                            

                                Todd Christensen – Irish Creek -

                                Doreen Tschanz – Eagle Lane & Recording Secretary - present

Non-Voting Participants:

                                Art Zymerman – Past President -

                             Jaime McClintock – McClintock Ski School -

                                Dave Taliano – Dredge Company - present

Paul Wyszynski - NP,    Sarah Hamell – present,    Brian Riehl - NP


Meeting to order at 7:30 pm

Motion: To approve the July minutes made by Mel spencer; 2nded by Kevin Axt; carried


Donna O’Krafka read a letter from Harry Gingrich Award recipient Jack Ward in which Jack says how appreciative he is for being chosen this year.

Financial Report – Lorne Wallace

Lorne reports that we are on budget if the next 2 fundraising events are successful – Labour weekend Hoedown and December Xmas Tribute Show.

He handed out the accompanying Statement of Operations & Balance Sheet plus showed on screen other report spread sheets.

Reward program – Dave Taliano

There was great cooperation from the lake users for the distribution of the herbicide.  The down side is that the MOE is becoming more scrutinizing of the use because of governmental mandates to reduce chemical use in the environment.  Thus, the percentage of the lake that can be sprayed is reduced.  The pricing structure for 2018 will change.

Dredging report – Dave Taliano

The 2 permits for which Dave was waiting came the second week of July plus the weather was uncooperative with thunder storms making the dredging start late. Lightning happening while on the dredge is very dangerous with the high spuds sticking up.  Dredging commenced in the Eastern Basin.

The 5-year MNR Permit expires this December 31.  It will be an expense for the PLCA to renew the application as it requires an engineering stamp.  Stan Denhoed will be asked to do this application as previously done.  2018 will also have an expense to the PLCA for emptying any 2017 dredgate.  The cost will depend on the amount of sediment removed.


E-Blasts – Mel Spencer

Mel will be sending reminders of the Labour Weekend Hoedown and Home Tour profits.

Also, info regarding Donna O’Krafka’s art show.

Boaters need to be informed of the pile of lake bottom that Dave Taliano deposited near Big Island so that he could unstick the dredge and the pilots need to be informed of the marker drums at the dredge location.

Lastly, the residents can have private dredging at their shoreline.


Min. of Natural Resources meeting- Lorne Wallace

The minister’s assistant Mark Taylor contacted Lorne and apologized for the ministry’s internal miscommunications and will set up a meeting with the minister.

PLCA Bylaws – David Mitten

Some modifications to the present bylaws have been done.  David will call another meeting of the committee.

Grand Ole Country Christmas Tribute Show – Mel Spencer

This will have a Xmas theme with a “Grand Ole Opray” format on December 2 at the Galt Newfoundland Club.

The PLCA receives the ticket sales revenue and the club receives the liquor revenue.  Corporate tables for 300 seating will be sold plus standing room.

A decorating committee is required to decorate and also a clean up committee.  Lorne Wallace is doing a budget.

Silent Auction – a $4500 value donation for Lake Tahoe condo vacation is given by the show organizers as a starter.

Advertising – Newfoundland Club will notify their email list

-          Organizers are making posters

-          PLCA E-Blast will be sent


PLCA Website – Donna O’Krafka

The site is being used especially before the Home Tour.  Donna and Mel want to promote the Buy & Sell section.

2018 Calendars – Donna O’Krafka

Donna asked for permission to produce 2018 calendars for sale.  Permission granted.  If residents have pictures involving the lake, send them to Donna. 


Adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, September 13, 2017  at 7:30 pm at Lone Wolf/ RBC Building, Can-amera Pkwy


1)      Donna McKenna & Mel Spencer will finish the Trillium application for November deadline.

2)      Donna McKenna & Lorne Wallace will decide whether to change the credit card mechanism to 6    months rather than 1 year at end of 2017 fundraising events

3)      Mel Spencer will investigate pursuing a Grant Writer who will volunteer.

4)      Lorne Wallace will meet with Min. of Natural Resources.

5)      Art Zymerman will update the donor board when Donna McKenna & Lorne Wallace revise the donor list.

6)      David Mitten will call a Bylaw Review committee meeting with Al Tschanz and Jack Ward.

7)      In September, Lorne Wallace will contact the Un. of Guelph for help monitoring the microbes’ success.

8)      Mel Spencer will send multiple E-Blasts regarding upcoming events, Home Tour profit, art show, dredging obstacles, private dredging.