PLCA Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

7:30 pm SAWDAC

Chairperson: Art Zymerman – President - present

Executive: Donna McKenna – Vice-president -present

Lorne Wallace – Treasurer - present

Sarah Hammell – Secretary -

Jaime McClintock – Executive – present

Directors: Ken Roth – Township Councillor - present

Larry Hackbart – North Shore – present

Dawn Rosa – Bayview – present

Tony Fieder – Rhodes Road - present

Kevin Axt – Clergy Lane - present

Kathleen Zymerman – McCormick Point - present

Todd Christensen – Irish Creek -

Doreen Tschanz – Eagle Lane & Recording Secretary - present

Non-Voting Participants:

David Mitten – Past President - present

Dave Taliano – Dredge Company - present

Paul Wyszynski – present

Donna O’Krafka – present

Meeting to order at 7:33 pm

Motion: To approve the September minutes made by Dawn Rosa; 2nded by Kathleen Zymerman; carried

Calendars – Donna O’Krafka offered to make a 2019 calendar.  She was hoping that they would be a bigger seller.  The area reps need to sell more.

Township Grant – Art Zymerman sent a letter but the township office mailing address changed but Karen Landry contacted him and all is well …...we are on the budget list for review

Dredging – Dave Taliano

All is very well with more mud than in Mitten Bay… is dense and massive…. the dredge gets stuck often because of so much mud.  Wind can be a problem and blow dredge toward rocks at small islands.

The GRCA and MNR permits need to be renewed…. the board needs to decide what to do …the MNR permit will be costly as Stan Denhoed needs to get an engineer approval……do not know if MNR will have new requirements

Northshore must be done in 2019 and permits will be necessary

The board will prepare a decision for the permits at the November meeting.

Stan Denhoed or Dave Taliano needs to contact MNR to ascertain their requirements for 2019 permit so that we know if he can copy & paste current permit which will be less money for Stan to do.

Treasurer Report – Lorne Wallace

Lorne assembled a donor list with Larry Hackbart’s help to recognize donors from the Home Tour boats.

HST refund money was received.

Bottomline: PLCA needs to raise money because of a deficit.  Lorne asked if an Eblast could ask for money and suggested that any area rep who was uncomfortable asking residents for money to call him and he would help…...reps need to have a conversation with residents

Fundraising – Donna McKenna

Home Tour – 5 homes are good for the tour with Klager Island as a possible 6th stop.

Hoe-down –  

Valentine Show –

Website – Donna O’Krafka

Donna introduces Meredith Wolf as a volunteer to takeover the website.  The board accepted.

Rookie of the Year Award – Lorne Wallace suggested initiating this award to go with the Harry Gingrich Award.

University Involvement – Lorne Wallace suggested that a board member take this on to get universities involved to do research and data collecting for the lake.  Jaime McClintock volunteered to do so …...send her data already recorded.

Adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, November 14, 2018      7:30 pm



  1. Mel is working on the new bylaws

  2. Mel & Donna O’Krafka are working on the New Resident Info booklet.

  3. Dave Taliano will ascertain from the MNR what 2019 permit requirements will be or ask Stan Denhoed to do so.

  4. Jaime McClintock will ask her sister at Univ. of Calgary about involvement in lake research and data.