PLCA Board of Directors Meeting - Wednesday June 14, 2017 at 8:44 pm at SAWDAC


Chairperson:    David Mitten – President - present,    Executive:  Paul O’Krafka – Vice-president - present

Lorne Wallace - Treasurer - present,  Melanie Spencer – exec. - present,  Brian Riehl – exec. - present

Directors:            Ken Roth – Township Councillor - present,  Heather Leybourne – North Shore –                             Donna O’Krafka – Bayview – present,  Ken Root – Rhodes Road - present                                                             Kevin Axt – Clergy Lane - present,  Kathleen Zymerman – McCormick Point -                                           Todd Christensen – Irish Creek, Doreen Tschanz – Eagle Lane & Recording Secretary - present

Non-Voting Participants:

                                Art Zymerman – Past President, Donna McKenna – Fundraising Chairperson - present

                                Dave Taliano – Dredge Company -, Paul Wyszynski - present, Sarah Hammell – present

                                Jaime McClintock – present,  Paul Spencer - present


Meeting to order at 8:44 pm


Motion: To approve the May board meeting minutes made by Lorne Wallace; 2nded by Mel spencer; carried


Jaime McClintock introduced herself and said that she wants to become more involved and work with the PLCA.  She asked that she be given the dates of the Reward spraying so that she can ensure that none of the ski school boats will disturb the water in those sprayed areas.  She asked that in 2018 if she is notified of the spray dates, she will not book any clients on those days. If any residents see any boats chasing wildlife or behaving in any other wrongful way that they call her at 519-212-3888 so that she can catch them at the boat launch when they leave.  There is a list of banned lake users. 

Jaime and Jason McClintock are in control of the Ski School & Club and will be given the trailer park in the future.  They want it to cooperate and work with the PLCA for the betterment of Puslinch Lake.


Note: Al Tschanz made note that the PLCA pledged to clean up the McClintock property where the settling pond was located, as they did with the Tschanz property but this was never carried out.


Home Tour – Donna McKenna

The final preparations for this fundraiser were discussed.  More volunteers are needed for the afternoon.   Larry Hackbart needs remaining graphics for sponsor signs.


Executive Positions:

President – David Mitten,  Vice-President – Mel Spencer,  Treasurer – Lorne Wallace, 

Secretary – Paul O’Krafka,  Executive Director– Donna McKenna


Microbes – David Mitten

David was unable to report at the last meeting regarding his contacting another supplier.  He sent them requested lake sludge from his dock and the pit which tested with 2% difference of organic material 16% & 14% respectfully.  This supplier said that a permit is required so David contacted the MOE to get their opinion and to ascertain if a permit is required.  The spokes person didn’t seem concerned.  He never got the follow up call from the MOE.  They have to forms of dispensing – a concentrated crystal or pellet.

Lorne Wallace will be approaching the University of Guelph regarding the monitoring of the results.


Town Hall Meeting Report

Donations were given.

An Elvis Tribute performer offered to give a concert to raise money.  Paul O’Krafka will follow up with his tenant this week to learn more info.  Lorne Wallace had info of Dunfield Theatre.  There will not be a July board meeting but instead Mel Spencer, Donna McKenna will plan the event and Lorne Wallace will do a budget for the event.

Stock Donations – Lorne Wallace

Public traded stocks can be donated to the PLCA without capital gain.  Lorne gave a hand out with the info.


Harry Gingrich Award – Doreen Tschanz

The 2017 recipient is the much-deserved Jack Ward.  He has been on the board in the past and does the newsletter with Donna O’Krafka. He has been the PLCA watch dog, to keep us on the straight and narrow.


Adjourned at 10.00 pm.


Next Meeting - Wednesday, August 9, 2017      7:30 pm at Lone Wolf Building Can-Ameria Pkwy.



1.       Donna McKenna and Mel Spencer will continue to work on the Trillium Grant application for November deadline.


2.       In Fall Donna McKenna and Lorne Wallace will decide whether to change the credit card mechanism    to 6 months rather than 1 year at a time use to save money.


3.       Mel Spencer will investigate pursuing a Grant Writer who will volunteer.


4.       Lorne Wallace will pursue a rescheduled appointment with Min. of Natural Resources.


5.       Art Zymerman will update the donor board.


6.       David Mitten will call a PLCA Bylaw Review committee meeting with Al Tschanz and Jack Ward in    August 2nd or 3rd week.


7.       Lorne Wallace will contact the Un. of Guelph for help monitoring the microbes’ success


8.       Paul O’Krafka will contact his tenant this week as a follow up for the Elvis Tribute


9.       Mel Spencer and Donna McKenna will organize the Elvis Tribute.


10.    Lorne Wallace will draft a budget for the Elvis Tribute.