PLCA Board of Directors Meeting - Wed. February 7, 2017, at 7:30 pm - SAWDAC Bldg.


Chairperson:      David Mitten – President – present, Executive: Melanie Spencer – Vice-president -

Lorne Wallace – Treasurer – present,  Paul O’Krafka – Secretary - present

                                Donna McKenna – Executive –

Directors:            Ken Roth – Township Councillor – present, Larry Hackbart – North Shore – present

                                Dawn Rosa – Bayview – present,  Ken Root – Rhodes Road -

                                Kevin Axt – Clergy Lane – present, Kathleen Zymerman – McCormick Point - present     

                                Todd Christensen – Irish Creek - present

                                Doreen Tschanz – Eagle Lane & Recording Secretary – present

Non-Voting Participants:

                Art Zymerman – Past President – present, Dave Taliano – Dredge Company - present

              Jaime McClintock – McClintock Ski School -                         

Paul Wyszynski – present,  Sarah Hammell – present,  Donna O’Krafka – present

Northshore Residents – Mike & Sherry Carter, Joanne Hallman, Heather Leybourne, Sarah Bauman, Kerry Jacobs and Rhodes Road resident – Ken Milland

Meeting to order at 7:33 pm


Motion: o approve the December Board meeting minutes made by Paul O’Krafka; 2nded by Larry Hackbart; carried

David Mitten asked those present if they had any Conflict of Interest.  There was none

Financial Statements – Lorne Wallace Treasurer

Lorne handed out the Year to Date Financial Report – Dec. 31/17.  He also reported that the yearly CRA forms for the PLCA as a Charitable Organization were done and approved.  Plus, membership fees are down noting that he had not received any from Northshore and McCormick Point. 

Motion: Lorne Wallace asked that the PLCA Board adopt his 2017 financial Statements; 2nded by Todd Christensen; carried.

OMR Donor Board – Lorne Wallace

Lorne emailed the board a questionnaire to ascertain how the board wants this donor board to be done.   He collected these questionnaires.


Dave Taliano has some concerns regarding obstacles such as ski courses and geothermal pipes on the South and North shore where private dredging is requested.

The dredge is not agile and wind can push it in places that Dave might not want to go.  If slalom courses have steel cables the dredge could get tangled and damage the course.  If there are no cables, the dredge would be OK.  Therefore, a committee headed by Paul O’Krafka with Al Tschanz, Sarah Bauman, Sarah Hammell will meet with Jaime McClintock to ascertain if there are cables about which to be concerned on the two slalom courses and communicate back to Dave Taliano.

Dave’s concern regarding geothermal pipes has been quelled as the owner is willing to pull them up to allow dredging.  Al Tschanz, a geothermal serviceman and installer reported that to do so just requires pumping air into the pipes to allow them to float to the service.

Communication Tower – Mike Carter

Mike noted that residents are against the proposed tower because of the proximity to the lake.  Puslinch Council votes on this subject on April 24th and will probably vote against this location.  Rogers will therefore, find a new location.

Reward Program

Art Zymerman suggested that an info sheet accompany the Consent Forms so that residents know all the facts correctly.  David Mitten will contact Donna O’Krafka regarding this.


Lorne Wallace asked that purchase of microbes for 2018 be put in the budget.  This will be discussed at next meeting.  Dave Taliano suggested that other types of microbes be investigated to match the proper percentage of organic matter in the lake to the proper microbe.

Adjourned at 9:17 pm.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 7:30 pm  at SAWDAC


1)     The board will discuss the content of a Lake Info Booklet that would be given to new residents.

2)     The board will discuss the use of microbes in 2018.

3)     David Mitten will contact Donna O’Krafka regarding the reward Consent Forms and info sheet.

4)     Paul O’Krafka and committee will ascertain from Jaime McClintock what structure exists with the slalom courses.

5)     Lorne Wallace will review the Donor Board questionnaires and report to the board at the next meeting.