PLCA Board of Directors Meeting - Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 7:30 pm - SAWDAC


Chairperson:      David Mitten – President - present   *   Executive:    Melanie Spencer – Vice-president -

Lorne Wallace – Treasurer - present   *    Paul O’Krafka – Secretary - present

                                Donna McKenna – Executive –

Directors:            Ken Roth – Township Councillor - present   *   Larry Hackbart – North Shore – present

                                Dawn Rosa – Bayview – present   *   Tony Fieder – Rhodes Road - present

                                Kevin Axt – Clergy Lane - present   *   Kathleen Zymerman – McCormick Point - present                       

                 Todd Christensen – Irish Creek -   * Doreen Tschanz – Eagle Lane & Recording Secretary - present

Non-Voting Participants:

Art Zymerman – Past President – present  *  Ken Martin – Rhodes Road - present  

Jaime McClintock – McClintock Ski School -  *  Dave Taliano – Dredge Company -

Paul Wyszynski - present  *  Sarah Hammell – present


Meeting to order at 7:30 pm

Motion: To approve the March minutes made by Kevin Axt; 2nded by Kathleen Zymerman; carried


Town Hall Meeting – scheduled for Tuesday, May 29 @ OMR Dockside. Art Zymerman will be the spokesman but he needs to know the dredging plan for 2018. David suggested an agenda item should be an explanation of how the PLCA Board is picked and to ask for nominations for the elected Executive for the AGM on June 13. 

Slalom Course/Dredging Committee – Paul O’Krafka

Paul met with the McClintock Family and they gave consent to remove a cable on the Northshore course to allow the dredge into private shoreline.  Paul also contacted Dave Taliano to report the consent.  Therefore, Northshore private dredging can take place in September when ski season closes. North shore residents are asking if the PLCA will be dredging North shore.  This will be addressed at the Town Hall meeting if not before by Dave Taliano.

The board thanks Paul and the McClintock Family.


Donor Board – Art Zymerman

86 families will be on the board; 47 new names will be added; there will be 21 Lake Leaders; 16 Lake Partners and 59 on $1000+. Art needs to order plaques and hopefully have all finished for next meeting……needed money for purchase.

Motion: Paul O’Krafka motioned that the board allow up to $400 to complete the board; 2nded Larry Hackbart; carried


Home Tour – we have 5 homes and now the brochures can be printed and distributed. 

Larry Hackbart is working on obtaining boat sponsors. Brian Riehl needs 2 more pontoon boats

There are 2 raffle items but need 1 more. Donna McKenna wants to ask Jaimie McClintock to have a model Trailer Park Home available for viewing to begin the tour.

Hoe Down – Doreen Tschanz has offered Norman Doud Estate for this event.

Larry Hackbart will ask the Northshore gang if they would help with the event.

Doreen needs to know soon to book the band.  Lorne Wallace has a back up band.

Rake the Lake Competition – Lorne Wallace suggestion.

Soil Sale – Lorne will ask Dave Taliano if this is possible.

Xmas Show – John Jarvis and Linda are investigating a hall with a meal – hopefully it will be an event.

Flags – Sarah Hammell – to liquidate her past year inventory, she suggests offering a double up deal for donations.

Ken Roth will ascertain if PLCA fundraising events can be posted on the township website.

Weeds BGone – Lorne Wallace will have this company do a pilot project on his shoreline.


Financial Report – Lorne Wallace

A donation for $10,000 was received…the bank amount is $25,000 and $25.000 will be received from Puslinch Township.  There is $23.000 tied up in HST to be received.  George Szczepzki has the year-end financials completed and then file them.  PLCA was given cheaper insurance as the dredging is done by an independent company.  The bank account is near the amount needed for the dredging company first payment. It is imperative for the area reps to push for donations from residents.


Microbes – Lorne Wallace will ask Tim Benham regarding the 2018 use.  The PLCA does not have money for both microbes and dredging at this time and is committed to dredging until 2019.  Lorne will ask the price for private sale.  Lake users are seeing results form last summer use of microbes that Tim purchased.

Adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at 7:30 pm at SAWDAC



1)      Board members are asked to email Doreen Tschanz a nomination for the recipient Harry Gingrich Award.

2)      Nominations for the 5 Executive election are needed.

3)      Mel Spencer will draft the PLCA Bylaws.

4)      The board will discuss a Lake Info Booklet and content to be given to new residents.

5)      David Mitten will ask Dave Taliano to bring the Peerless rep to the May 29 meeting to answer resident questions.

6)      David Mitten and Art Zymerman need to meet with Dave Taliano to ascertain dredging plans for 2018.

7)      David Mitten will give Ron Harper a written thank you for his petition work to nix the tower on GRCA property.

8)      2 more pontoon boats and 1 more raffle item is needed for the June Home Tour.

9)      Larry Hackbart will ask Northshore residents if they will volunteer help with Hoe Down.

10)  Lorne Wallace will talk to Tim Benham regarding microbes and pricing for 2018.

11)  Ken Roth will ascertain if PLCA fundraising events can be posted on the Township website.