PLCA Board of Directors Meeting - Wednesday, August 8, 2018 at 7:30 pm SAWDAC

Chairperson: Art Zymerman – President - present

Executive: Donna McKenna – Vice-president – present, Lorne Wallace – Treasurer - present

Sarah Hammell – Secretary -, Jaime McClintock – Executive –,

Directors: Ken Roth – Township Councillor -

Larry Hackbart – North Shore –, Dawn Rosa – Bayview – present

Tony Fieder – Rhodes Road -, Kevin Axt – Clergy Lane - present

Kathleen Zymerman – McCormick Point – present, Todd Christensen – Irish Creek -

Doreen Tschanz – Eagle Lane & Recording Secretary - present

Non-Voting Participants:

David Mitten – Past President, Dave Taliano – Dredge Company - present

Paul Wyszynski – present; Donna O’Krafka – present; Michel Thibault - present

Meeting to order at 7:42 pm

Motion: To approve the July minutes made by Donna McKenna; 2nded by Kevin Axt; carried

Treasurer Report – Lorne Wallace

The HST rebate was bounced back due to an error reading at CRA. Lorne resent the paperwork.

Bottomline – need $68,000 raised to pay for dredging.

Dredging – Dave Taliano

Because of low water the tug hit a rock in the channel; therefore, the excavator had to dig more of the channel. There is a massive boulder in the channel that the excavator cannot handle, there is a marker on it.

The mud in the designated dredge site is solid and lots of it. A 1000-foot area is necessary to allow the dredge to turn around. Because of low water only 2/3 full loads can be done. Four loads per day are the average. After the Nationals, and ski school business slows down, more dredging will be done.

The final pit emptying bill was $15,000 …a lesser amount than 2017.

Private dredging can happen after the 6-8 weeks that are needed to finish dredge site at the slalom course area.

“Kettle Lake Soil” is selling soil for $25/yd and/or $125 + delivery/truck

Fundraising – Donna McKenna

Meeting minutes

PLCA Fundraising Meeting - Minutes compiled by Donna M.

Tuesday, August 7th. At Dockside at 7:30

Attend: Lorne, Dawn, Melanie, Larry and Maureen, Melanie and Michel T., Doreen T., Donna M, Donna O,

Nationals: Larry, Maureen, Lorne, Kelli W and Melanie have everything organized and ready to handle the Nationals. They have the volunteers they need and seem to be in great shape. Well done indeed.

Home Tour: We will have another meeting about the home tour prior to December before some of us are away for Jan. and Feb. 2019.

Here are some comments.

1. The dock hands need to have a description of what they should be doing to move the boats in and out faster. Not all of them understand to grab the boats and pull them tight into docks and help people on and off the boats. This would speed up the process. ACTION ITEM – Donna M said she would do a writeup for dock hands for next year and make sure they all get one.

2. We need to put together a ‘’Rain Plan’ for the future although everyone was impressed at how well it went and how much the guests seem to go with the flow.

3. We need to make sure guests know the BBQ is not included.

4. We will explore using the website for contacts and information on volunteers. We will discuss more at next meeting.

5. Need to have an email sheet at each house next year so we can collect names to send out info for following year. ACTION ITEM.

6. We have a house from McCormick’s Point for next year, and one from Bayview. The others are a bit of a challenge as they are more limited in numbers. Larry H. is working on one for North Shore. ACTION ITEM - Larry, Rep from ICE and South shore.

That’s it for now on Home Tour.

Boat Rides for weddings…we have 8 or 9 booked at 400.00 each so that is an unexpected fundraiser. We still need drivers for some dates, please volunteer. I gave Brian a chart, so please let him know if you can be available to do some.

Hoe Down…. just a brief history. Jim, Megan, Kellie and Jeff started the Hoe Down a number of years ago and it was on Ramsay property. It did not require any involvement by the PLCA. North Shore took it over for two years and they ran it all. Many, many thanks to both groups for doing it on their own.

This year Doreen Tschanz provided her farm and a couple of new features. The Horse Demonstration and the Hay Ride. The PLCA is involved with this fundraising event so we need to take responsibility for the following.

1.] Ticket Sales…. to be sold at OMR, the National tuck shop, on Facebook by Doreen and everyone should share, and I will ask Joel to do it from the OMR and ask staff to share. Reps should also get some at the meeting Wednesday night and sell them in their areas. It was decided that 10 and under are 10.00 and over 10 are regular price of 25.00 each.

Donna O. will take responsibility for advertising. David Mitten is responsible for the radio stations.

Also, area reps should sell tickets in their areas.

2.] Food - Lorne, Doreen and Terry have a BBQ, so we are good for that.

Don Hunter – said he would donate some burgers so Donna M. will finalize with him on amounts etc.

Larry H is checking to see if he can get sausages.

OMR ---- Has offered burgers, hot dogs, buns and condiments.

Melanie Spencer – will get plates, plastic table clothes, a few bottles of hand soap, napkins and garbage bags. Melanie, Lorne and Larry H. will see what is left over from Nationals and bring to Hoe Down.

ACTION ITEM – please let Donna M know so we have enough supplies. If not, Donna M. will get chips and pop corn to event.

We decided to keep it simple and just have BBQ hot dogs, burgers, maybe some sausages if Larry H can get some and chips. We will also put out chips, pop etc around 7 or 8 for people to munch on when they are drinking.

Tents: Larry H is bringing over a tent and Doreen has someone else bringing one as well.

Toilets: There are two portable toilets and a wash station available for guests to use during the event. Doreen T has arranged for them.

Tables - Larry H will bring over six tables to be setup for food.

Lighting: We need some lighting strung around and will ask Kellie and Jeff Parks if they would volunteer to do it. Perhaps borrow the lights from the North Shore People for the night.

Doors open at 2 pm. for guests.

Security: The entrance to the Hoe Down is on the driveway by the barn. We will setup a table and chair for a couple of volunteers to man. When they show you their ticket to get in rip it in half and they use other half for food; also circle if child or adult price.

Parking: The volunteers will direct people to parking area which is located on the new property.

Dance Floor – will probably have to be rented. Dawn is taking responsibility for dance floor.

Ken Chute’s dock is available for people that want to come by boat.


Horse Demonstration – No volunteers needed

Hay Ride – No volunteers needed

Lighting – Jeff and Kellie Parks and whoever they can get to help them with lighting. Setup preferably the day before or sooner if need be.

Security – 3 people from 2 to 5 1. Laura D. 2. Donna O 3. Mel in chair

2 people from 5 to 7ish 1. Matt 2. _____________

Food - from 5 to 7 pm. Volunteers need to be available at 4 to setup and get ready.

BBQ - three volunteers 1. Michel T. 2.__________________ 3._____________

Helpers 1. ___________________ 2. ___________________ 3. _________________________

Clean Up Crew: generally clean up anything on property, take down lighting etc.

1. _______________________ 2.____________________________

Overseeing event: Doreen, Al, Terry and Art Z as President.

Sponsors are needed, especially for the band

Adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 7:30 pm at SAWDAC


1) Mel Spencer will finish the PLCA Bylaw revision formatting for board approval.

2) Donna McKenna & Mel Spencer will review the past Info booklet and draft a new info booklet for Art Zymerman’s review

3) The survey committee will get the survey printed for handout to area reps to give to residents while asking for donations.

4) Donna O’Krafka will contact the Puslinch Pioneer and Wellington Advertiser to advertise for the Hoedown.

5) David Mitten will contact local radio stations to advertise for the Hoedown.