Donna McKenna | Vice President |

Donna is the new Vice President elect at the 2018 AGM. Her main interest is for the rejuvenation, restoration and support of the lake. She generously donates to 100% of all lake events where funds can be raised for the betterment of it. Donna takes time to relax at her condo in Florida for the winter months.

Lorne Wallace | Treasurer |

Lorne graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and trained as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Whinney. Lorne now serves as Treasurer on the PLCA Board. He is the Executive Chairman and Founder or Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies. He started Lone Wolf in 1989, specializing in real estate brokerage accounting. Lorne previously operated a real estate brokerage accounting practice for over 20 years. Lorne lives on Eagle Lane on the lake with his wife Kelli. He enjoys reading, gardening and working on his home, including a “zen” garden project.

DoreeN Tschanz | Recording Secretary |

Doreen has served on the Board for 20 years. Doreen is one of the original Founders for the PLCA and has fought tirelessly for the restoration of the Lake. She and son, Al, have resided in the area for the past 23 years. Doreen is in charge of managing the Normal Doud Estate & Boarding Stables. Her interests include her two sons, Alan and Terry, her grand kids, horses, photography, ski instruction (level 2 CSIA), and TPA tennis pro.

Sarah Hammell | board member |

Sarah is a new PLCA board member but grew up in the Puslinch area.  She remembers what the lake used to look like as a child and is a strong supporter of the lake restoration projects because of the great results.   Sarah started and has funded the PLCA donation flag campaign to help give donors a gift back for their monetary contribution and to unite the community.   She welcomes suggestions on the new 2019 flag design and colour.  Sarah has her Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Windsor and works for a local medical distribution company.  She has been married for over 15 years to her husband Cliff and has two children, Stuart and Annabelle.  In her spare time, Sarah enjoys to sail, ski, garden and travel.    Her attendance at every PLCA meeting may not be perfect however, she can be found volunteering at every PLCA event.  

Art Zymerman | President |

Art was elected as the 2018 President of the PLCA, previously he was President from 2010 - 2015 and has served the Board for 12 years. He previously held positions as Vice President and Treasurer. His interests are waterskiing, snow skiing, football and family. Art and wife Kathleen enjoy their grandchildren and they all love the lake!

David Mitten |

David is now on the Board as past President. He has held the position as President for 9 years. David and wife Pip have 4 daughters and reside at Irish Creek Estates. He is the Executive Director for SAWDAC in Cambridge. His interest include lots of winter skiing, reading, hockey, golf, tennis hunting and fishing.

Jaime McClintock | Executive Director |

Jaime is one of the newest members on the PLCA Board. Born and raised in Alberta, Jaime had a professional background in Hospitality Management before moving to Orlando, Florida with her husband, Jason McClintock. Since 2013, Jaime and Jason have been spending their summers on Puslinch Lake, running the McClintock’s Water Ski School & Club and Coaching the Ontario Water Ski Team. Her greatest passion is her 2 young children, Jaxson and Julia, their 2 small dachshunds, Ronnie and Sasha, and enjoying the breathtaking sunsets on the lake with her husband, wine in hand! She is an active volunteer for both Water Ski and Wakeboard.

Ken Roth | Representative of Puslinch Township Council |

Ken and his wife Cheryl have lived in the Township for thirteen years. He is past President of the Optimist Club of Puslinch. He brings many years of business experience both as an Owner and Senior Executive.


2018 PLCA Presidents

Kevin Axt South Shore East

519-658-1134 |

Nancy Fieder South Shore

519-658-5062 |

Don Hunter McCormick’s POint

519-281-1001 |

Melanie Spencer Islands + OffShore

519-572-1392 |

Donna O’Krafka | Bayview Cottagers’ Association North + West Shore

519-220-0582 |

Liam Nother Irish Creek Estate

519-220-1004 |

Heather Leybourne | North Shore

519-616-7917 |

Paul O’Krafka Eagle Point

905-541-0312 |

 2018 PLCA Directors

Kevin Axt Director South Shore East

519-658-1134 |

Tony Fieder Director south Shore

519-658-5062 |

Kathleen Zymerman director mccormicks point

519-651-0263 |

Melanie Spencer Islands + OffShore Director

519-572-1392 |

Dawn Rosa director Bayview Cottagers’ Association North + West Shore

519-220-1702 |

Todd Christensen Director irish creek estates


larry hackbart director north shore association

226-341-2931 |

Doreen Tschanz Director eagle point

519-658-5738 |