To all residents on Puslinch Lake     -     From:  PLCA and McClintocks Ski School


Re:  Water Ski Wakeboard Canada – Canadian Water Ski Nationals for 2018.

The McClintocks are hoping to have the support, and to work with the homeowners and the PLCA in bringing the Nationals to Puslinch for 2018.  The location they were going to use was. While this event would involve their own property, they want to be community minded and work closely with the lake residents to make it a fun few days for everyone to enjoy. 

There is also a very good opportunity for the PLCA to have a space on the property to advertise the PLCA, have a fundraising food booth or any other idea to raise funds for the lake restoration we can come up with. 

Date:  Tuesday to Sunday, August 7th to 12th 2018


The main impact would be on North Shore during the 8 am - 4 pm time period and it would be that ski run that would be used.  The boat dock would be closed and homeowners on North Shore would be encouraged to view the skiers from their shore line rather than take their boats onto the lake until the 4 pm closing. 

Jaime McClintock would be happy to answer any questions, provide more details or discuss any concerns with anyone that would like to call her. 

The number is 1 .561 .801 .5246.                                  Her email is  

While details will need to be flushed out, this email is for initial information for residents.