Puslinch Lake PLCA


If You Love The Lake, Please Donate!

Puslinch Lake’s small community relies heavily on the pride and leadership of the lake. Continuing our mission with more enthusiastic, driven leaders is encouraged and welcome.

your choice OF three options to start donating



  1. Easiest way, click the above link “DONATE”

  2. Visit the Old Marina Restaurant and contribute via credit or debit card using the onsite bank machine.

  3. Residents: Donations by cheque or cash delivered to your area Director who will forward to the PLCA’s Treasurer.



Kevin & Wendy Axt

Sarah & Cliff Hammell

Lesley & Stu Hopkin

Doug Mitten

Donna & Larry O’Krafka

Jim & Meghan Ramsey

Lorne & Kelli Wallace

Jack & Joyce Ward

Kim Thrower

McClintock’s Ski School & Pro Shop

Michel & Melanie Theriault

2019 PLCA donations


McClintock's Ski School

Donna McKenna

Simon McLatter

Jim & Jennifer McPherson

Ken & Roz Millard-Martin

Doug Mitten

David & Pip Mitten

Michael Morgenroth

Jonathan MacNaughton

Donald Oakes

Paul & Diane O'Krafka

Larry & Donna O'Krafka

Kellie & Jeff Parks

Nicole Peterson

Robin Puskas

Christina & Jeremy Rau

Brian & Tracy Riehl

Tom & Dawn Rosa

Jay & Erika Rosekat

Mark and Colleen Shepherd

Gord & Beth-Marie Smith

Paul & Melanie Spencer

Jeff & Cindy Sumner

Dave Swann

George & Maddie Szczepski

David & Doreen Taliano

Michel & Melanie Theriault

Kim Thrower

Doreen Tschanz

Silvie Vanroose

Doug Voll

Mary-Alice Vuicic

Lorne & Kelli Wallace

Jack & Joyce Ward

Mary & Mike Wylde

Paul & Lori Wyszynski

Art & Kathleen Zymerman

Jim & Meghan Ramsay

David and Birdena Armitage

Kevin & Wendy Axt

Sarah Bauman

Tim & Fran Benham

Ric & Inez Brueckman

Mike & Sherry Carter

Todd & Paula Christensen

Ken & Jean Chute

Teri Cook

Bob & Donnalee Cook

Laura & Matt Davey

Mel & Mary Deakin

John & Cherie Dunnett

Tony & Nancy Fieder

Jim Flanagan

Bill Foote

David & Nathalie Freure

Larry & Maureen Hackbart

Larry & Maureen Hackbart

Bev Hamilton

Cliff & Sarah Hammell

Ron & Yvonne Harper

Robert Harvey

Nick & Nat Hirn

Joani Horvath

Tracy & Tim Hughes

Don & Kate Hunter

Charmagne Iwanski

Aaron & Kerry Jacobs

Helen & Marc Jowett

Ashlee Jowett

Ralph & Christina Krebs

Rafael Kujszczyk

Miyen & Nicole Kwek

Malcolm Lampshire