Lake Restoration Programs


Reward Herbicide Program

The best defense to keep the weeds in Puslinch Lake under control is the Reward Program. Every year all lake front home owners are asked to participate in treating the lake with this herbicide since it has proven to be the MOST successful way to reduce the weeds. Here are some facts you should know about the product and the program.

What is Reward?

Reward herbicide is a fast-acting weed killer, which is highly effective for both floating and submersed weeds, and makes a perfectly rapid knockdown killer for the Eurasian Watermilfoil.

Why use Reward?

It is the best defense against the Watermilfoil that has been trying to take over the lake.  It is applied in early July each year.

Who applies the Herbicide?

Peerless Aquacare is the certified organization that has been working with the Residents in the Community to manage and apply for all necessary permits through the Ministry of the Environment (MOE).  They also purchase and apply the herbicide.

WHEN does the REWARD Program Begin and End?

The application of the Reward Herbicide is applied the first week of July. Each shoreline homeowner that participates in the program must submit a Consent Form by March 1st followed by payment on March 15th of each year.  Emails are sent out to remind Residents of the timing and the cost for that year.  Permits are submitted to the MOE in April before the product can be purchased and applied.  All Consent forms (with original signatures) and payments MUST be given to your PLCA area Directors by March 15th.


Reward is applied to a four meter boat channel in front of the respective property for the Residents who participate in the Program.  Note, just because your neighbour may participate does not always mean your property will benefit. The more homes that participate, the better it is for the lake!


Once a homeowner signs up for the Reward Program a package is delivered to each home.  In that package, a flag (or marker) will need to be installed on the waterside of each dock being treated the night before.  This identifies that the treatment has been paid for and it is to be done.

A certified member of Peerless Aquacare goes out the first week of July and applies the treatment to the permitted areas via boat.  The product is spread widely over each area with a hose that works similar to a fire hose. The Reward then lands on the plants without harming any wildlife to kill the weed.

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that the water be as calm as possible during the treatment process. We request that NO BOAT traffic or swimming for at least 24 hours as this is recommended for the highest value of the reward application. Calm weather is also required to apply the Reward.


For more information please contact

Dave Taliano Express Dredging (519)651-1488

Richard Maass Peerless Aquacare (519) 746-7100