1997 - PLCA, a non-profit, volunteer organization, was founded to protect and enhance Puslinch Lake.

1998 - Pickrel spawning stones where placed near Harvey’s Island to promote fish spawning.

1999 - Andy Gemza was hired to compile the Puslinch Lake Adaptive Management plan, [PLAMP].

2000 - Started pilot program to dredge McClintock’s ski run and west by approximately 1000 feet.

2001 - No dredging done this year

2002 - No dredging done this year

2003 - No dredging done this year

2004 - No dredging done this year.

2005 - A four acre de-watering site located just south of McCormick’s Point was prepared. This  involved tree removal, (Olive grove) grading and the formation of earth berms and drainage control gates.

2005/09 -Weevil introduction/conclusion by EnviroScience.

2006 - No dredging done but setup site was located north/west point dock at McCormick’s -15,000 weevils added.

2007 - Dredging starting in July and an order for another 24,000+ weevils in 3 locations, to arrive in June.

2008 - Dredging started in July at the west end of the south shore slalom ski course and worked eastward. An additional 12,000 weevils were introduced for two locations.

2009 - Dredging near the ski area on west side - our most productive year to date. No weevils added this year.

2010 - No dredging - waiting on permits

2011 - No dredging - waiting on permits

2012 - No dredging - still waiting on permits

2013 - New dredging equipment/concept started on July 31st. By far, the most productive year since inception.

2014 - Continuation of Dredging area ( Bayview, S/W side of I.C.E. & along west ski course ).

2015 - New dredging area - along the south shore (ski school course) with off-loading from easterly side of McCormick's Pt.

2016 - Dredging  started on the 31st of August ( major repairs were needed to the equipment ).  A large portion of time was consigned to removing large boulders in the channel; enabling a successful startup on the East side of  the Lake for 2017.

2017 - Dredging to start after July 1st. heading East through Big Island to the North/East area.

2018 - Dredging is planned for the south/eastern corner area of the lake this year.

Without dredging, eutrification will continue and eventually turn the Lake into a swamp. Fish will not have a suitable environment; results: no fishing, swimming, skiing, or boating.  Property values will plummet, resulting in lower property tax collection.  The Old Marina restaurant, and McClintock Ski School will no longer be able to sustain a viable business.  Recreational fishing will cease to exist.

Restoration efforts 1997 - 2018