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Questions and Answers

What time can I get on the boat tour? ... The boat tour starts at 10 am from the Old Marina Restaurant on Lake Road #32 - #47 McClintock Dr. or from McCormick's Point on Concession #1, left turn off Townline Rd. Boats are continually picking up & dropping off passengers. Make sure you have your ticket ( shown at each home entrance) & brochure in hand so you can read up on your next home presentation.

When is the latest I can arrive? ... We suggest not any later than 1 pm if planning the tour by boat, which can take up to 2 hours or more. The land tour is a little faster because you can plan the length of your visit. 

Can I purchase tickets on the day of? ... Yes, but it is better to get them ahead of time from one of our 9 sponsors. The gate sales are very busy on the event morning and having your ticket ready to show gives you a little more time to park and get to the dock area.

Do I need to bring any cash? ... Yes, there are 3 raffles in 3 of the homes. There is  also water, and a BBQ lunch available for purchase at one of the tour homes. You should carry at least $20.00.

How many boats are available on tour day? ... There will be at least a dozen boats in which to enjoy your dock-to-dock experience.

Do the people driving the boats live on the Lake? ... Yes, and they all volunteer their boats, their time, and their gas for this day... a great bunch of people!

Can I take pictures?... Picture taking is not allowed in the tour homes, but taking pictures of the beautiful lake scenery is certainly encouraged.

Will I have difficulty walking or getting off & on the boats?.... Some of the terrain ( stairs, stone paths etc) could be a challenge to people that have mobility problems. We do have people at the docks able to assist with your arrival & departure to and from the boats.

Where does money from the event go? ... 100% of all the money raised from the Home Tour goes toward the on-going restoration of Puslinch Lake.