Is it safe to swim in the lake?

Yes, absolutely! With the depth of the water being as shallow as it is the water is a perfect temperature for all water activities.

What sort of activities is the lake used for?

Fishing, canoeing, boating, swimming, water skiing, wake boarding, paddle boarding, pontoon boating, ice fishing, ice skating, to name a few.

Where can I find information on the ski school?

Click here to visit McClintock’s Ski School site.

Where can i find information about the restaurant?

Click here to visit Old Marina Restaurant site.


How much are tickets? Tickets are $30 per person

What time can I get on the boat tour? The boat tour starts at 10 am from the Old Marina Restaurant on Lake Road #32 - #47 McClintock Dr. or from McCormick's Point on Concession #1, left turn off Townline Rd. Boats are continually picking up & dropping off passengers. Make sure you have your ticket (shown at each home entrance) & brochure in hand so you can read up on your next home presentation.

When is the latest I can arrive? We suggest no later than 1 pm if planning the tour by boat, which can take up to 2 hours or more. The land tour is a little faster because you can plan the length of your visit.

Can I purchase tickets on the day of? Yes, but it is better to get them ahead of time from one of our 9 sponsors. The gate sales are very busy on the event morning and having your ticket ready to show gives you a little more time to park and get to the dock area.

Do I need to bring any cash? Yes, there are 3 raffles in 3 of the homes. There is also water, and a BBQ lunch available for purchase at one of the tour homes. We recommend at least $20.00.

How many boats are available on tour day? There will be at least a dozen boats in which to enjoy your dock-to-dock experience.

Do the people driving the boats live on the Lake? Yes, and they all volunteer their boats, their time, and their gas for this day... a great bunch of people!

Can I take pictures? Picture taking is not allowed in the homes, but taking pictures of the beautiful lake scenery is certainly encouraged.

Where does money from the event go? 100% of all the money raised from the Home Tour goes toward the on-going restoration of Puslinch Lake.